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Each team with the first game of the day shall send one parent to open the field. The two parents are to be at the field 60 minutes prior to game time. A Sansei rep will bring the equipment to the field. Please make sure you have the Commissioner's contact information prior to the start of the season.


  • Fill in any holes in the batters box or pitching area, a rake and tamper are available
  • Drag the infield
  • Water the infield (the valve is by the backstop on the 1st base side)
  • Put out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases
    • Bases are 60 feet apart
    • The base pegs should have plugs with strings for easy location
    • NOTE: bases are marked on the back - 2nd and 3rd base are not interchangeable
    • You can also use the measuring tape to assist finding the base pegs. Refer to notebook for exact measurements.
  • Spray Chalk the 1st and 3rd baselines. IMPORTANT: The FIELD MUST BE WET for the spray chalk to adhere.
    • There is a string in the bucket to help draw a straight line
    • Extend the chalk line approx 40 feet beyond the bases into the outfield
  • Place the orange cones on the end of the chalk line in the outfield
    • The cones serve as a visual for the umpire to judge deep foul balls
  • Measure and nail down pitching rubber(s)
    • Only required for Minor-1 games
    • Measurements are from the back tip of Home plate to the front of the pitching rubber
      • Minors distance is 32 feet
      • Majors can use permanent pitching rubber which is at the correct distance of 37 feet
  • Spray Chalk a pitcher's position circle
    • 10 Foot diameter (or 5 foot radius)
    • The center of the circle is at 37 feet from the back tip of Home plate
  • Put up the scoreboard on the 1st base side (not required for Pee Wee games)
  • Patrol the outfield and remove any trash, dog poop, and unsafe debris


One parent from each team of the last game of the day shall help close the field

  • Collect all the equipment from the field:
    • 2 orange cones
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases (remember to put back the plugs with strings into the base pegs)
    • Pitching rubber, use the claw to pry up the stakes
  • If Saturday, you can drag the field as a prep for the Sunday games:
    • Do not chalk the field the day before
    • Dragging the field is not required after the last Sunday game
  • Place all the equipment near the gate opening
  • A Sansei rep should be there to pick up the equipment. NOTE: If No Sansei rep is there, DO NOT LEAVE THE EQUIPMENT UNATTENDED. Please contact the Softball commissioner(s) or any Sansei Board member.

IMPORTANT: Make sure ALL water sources are SHUT OFF TIGHTLY.


Sansei Baseball
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