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The goal of this drill is to teach proper fielding and throwing form in a game like setting.

Set up
Kids start in a line on pitchers mound - one player at 1st base.

Round 1:

  • if the kids field it correctly and make a good throw to 1st they move on to 2B for round 2
  • If ball goes under their legs they move back a base - so they would come behind me at home plate to field a bunt on next round
  • If kids bobble the ball or field correctly and make a wild throw to 1st they go to back of line in position they started

Round 2:

Repeat in same order kids went in round 1 but hit balls to the positions the kids moved to based on their fielding in Round 1 - some at C, some at P some at 2B

First kid to make it around the horn from pitcher, 2B, SS, 3B, and catching one fly ball in outfield gets to be 1st base next game

OPTION: Sometimes we add a base runner into the mix so kids have to beat the base runner to 1st with their throw to move on to the next position


The goal of this drill is to teach situational plays, team communication, and moving without the ball

Set up
Form teams of three

Round 1:

  • 1 player at 3b, 1 at SS, 1 at left field
  • Coach hits ball to SS - 3b goes to base, SS picks up and throws to 3B, LF backs up SS on grounder and then runs to back up throw to 3B
  • Coach hits ball to LF - 3b goes to base, SS becomes cut off man, LF throw to SS, SS throws to 3B
  • Next team up

Round 2:

  • Players at 1B, 2B, and RF

Round 3:

  • Players at SS, 2B, and CF

Scoring: - Teams get 1pt if everyone moves correctly, 1 pt if the fielding and throws were good, 1pt for good communication (i.e. if a player on your team is confused -call out in a positive way where to go). Play to 10-20 pts


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